Correspondence between Diel and Einstein


In 1935, Diel sends his first work to Einstein. The latter answers:


"I admire the power and consequence of your thought. Your work is the first to come under my eyes aiming at reducing the whole life of human spirit, including pathological phenomena, to elementary biological phenomena. It shows us a unifying understanding of the meaning of life… "


Between the two men a correspondence was from now on established, which came to an end only with Einstein’s death


Below is the translation of another letter of Einstein, dated march 9th 1937 :



" I have already studied two thirds of your manuscript, and from that experienced a deep impression. It proposes a new unitary conception of the meaning of life, starting from Freud's contribution, but broadened. As such, it is not only a medication against the lack of discipline of our time as far as ethics is concerned, but it moreover reaches the rank of a philosophical study which, it is my conviction, will find a permanent place in the story of ideas across time.
I will do everything in my power in order to help your work be known.